The people at Gros Ventre Wilderness Outfitters:

Brian taylor

Licensed outfitter Brian Taylor was born and raised in the Gros Ventre and has been exploring and hunting this wilderness for his entire life. Brian is the third generation of the Taylor family to operate this business in the Gros Ventre. 



Amy taylor

Amy, Brian's wife, has held about every position possible for our business. She is currently our camp cook, camp jack, amateur archaeologist, and photographer. All of the photos on this site, unless otherwise noted, were taken by Amy. Amy is a registered nurse and provides most of the entertainment in camp.  


Zach Vosika

Zach has been hunting in the Gros Ventre since he was a child. He has gained knowledge of the area through Glenn Taylor, Brian, and his father - a knowledge which he strives to pass on to future generations. Zach enjoys guiding hunters and sharing their experiences with them.  


All others

Gros Ventre Wilderness Outfitters is also thankful for the  help of Glenn Taylor (Brian's Father and the previous outfitter), Willy Watsabaugh, Roy Boda, Justin Taylor (Brian & Amy's son), and Chelsie Taylor (Brian & Amy's daughter). This business would not be possible without their help!